Friday Coffee Chat!

Friday November 6, 2015

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Are you keeping it fun?

The season is here! Our best 5 weeks are upon us. Now more than ever, it's GO time to get what you want out of this Stella & Dot gig you have. So many of you are already taking advantage of this powerful season and it is never too late to hop on this holiday bandwagon. Kudos below! Booking, selling and sponsoring are our S&D FOCUS and all of our actions should have direct impact on achieving one of these three!

Our Team FB page, the Golden Gems, is a terrific resource for daily booking tips, best practices, words to say examples, etc. Pop in occasionally to get some inside scoop!



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Join me for a 30 minute live VIDEO team meeting over ZOOM. We'll chat top Holiday tips!

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 8-8:30pm

Join me for a quick 30 minutes! I'll share some top holiday tips and then do some Q&A. ZOOM is a web-based program that provides live VIDEO chat rooms for us to meet :)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:

+1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 954 810 609

Jump Start Queens

Hello to these newbies rocking their new business and racking up their Jump Start Credits!!

Amy Keough $547 in freebies!

Patricia Cox $412

Scottina Jackson $313

Samantha Simms $225

Heather Rogers $126

Almost halfway through the month and look at the stylists leading in sales!

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New Compensation Plan Is Incredible!

There are so many things that make this new compensation plan full of opportunity for YOU to give yourself a raise. My favorite three are the changes that make Associate Stylist, Senior Stylist and Star Stylist so, so doable.

If you're looking at any of this and saying I can do THAT! (and you should!) then PLEASE let me or your upline leader know, because we want to work with you to make that a REALITY!!!!

Check out Stellaverse for North America's update!

New Stylist Training call!

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Recent recorded calls/webinars:

Opportunity Webinar for Prospective Stylists:

Did you miss last night's weekly New Stylist Training call & Monday Motivation call?

That's okay!! Catch the recording here!!

xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!