AIDS Awareness

by Isabell Brumagen

Africa and AIDS

Africa is the region with the most people infected with HIV/AIDS. About 22.9 people in the region are living with HIV. Without the affordable medication, the HIV will eventually progress to AIDS.

Bad health care is not a good help

There are medications for AIDS/HIV to keep the infection at HIV, but they are very expensive, and the residents of Africa cannot afford it. The health care/hospitals aren't the best, so they aren't much of help besides testing you for HIV.

Because of Religion birth control isn't a considered solution

Yes, some are enforcing birth control, but some religions are against it, so it's not a choice to use it. Even with birth control, AIDS and HIV are still spreading like wildfire.

Many children are orphaned due to AIDS

There is about 34 million orphans, and 11 million are just orphaned because AIDS. The children with parents that are infected, there is a high chance the children are infected as well. Making even more AIDS related deaths.

Children's childhood also taken

Not only are the child's parents are taken, so is there childhood because if they aren't taken into an orphanage, they live out on their own. Caring for their siblings, paying for food, and what not.

AIDS is slowly improving

AIDS is improving, but still needs some awareness, and help. For all we now, the number of infected could increase rapidly at any given time. Helping earlier can improving things when they get worse.

AIDS impacting females

With the 55% of people with AIDS, females are the most affected by it. With rape the amount of rape, the rapist could be a carrier of the disease, and infect the victim.

Helping will improve

We're raising awareness because we need help to improve the rates of AIDS and HIV. With your help, we could make the future a better place, and help find a cure!