pope Paul the 3rd


Where Is He From?

He was born on February 29,1498 in Canino,Italy.

Interesting Facts

  • His real name is Alessandro Farnese.
  • Elected as pope on October 13th, 1534.

Why Is He Famous?

He was the last of the renaissance popes he reigned from 1534 to 1549 and he was also the first pope of the counter reformation.He also called the council of Trent in 1545.
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His Impact On Reformation

pope Paul the 3rd became the first to take proactive reform measures in response to protestantism.His reforms help shape Roman Catholicism for centuries thereafter, chiefly by bringing about a doctrinal response to protestant theology.

His Personal History:

  • He died On November 10th, 1549.
  • He Was ordained a priest in June,1519.