Business Buddies Open House

Fellowship, Food, and Support for your Young Living Business

Join me for this first of it's kind event!

I will be opening my home, and providing yummy food and a fun environment as we mingle together to talk all things Young Living! Want your order paid for? I will mention how to make that happen. Want to take it farther to make it your career? I will give some helpful tricks on how to do that in the most simple way possible.

This is more a time for me to get to know you better, and send you home with a little knowledge along the way. I believe it will be helpful so that you can decide what you want for your future with Young Living! Have a friend who you think would benefit from this information? Bring them along!

Doing this as a team is SO much more fun! I would love for you to come by. Get started, get REFRESHED, get motivated!

Business Buddies

Friday, April 11th, 6:45pm

2909 Morgan Trail

Edmond, OK