Fall Bright Lights

The bright colors of Autumn

Gym renovation

The latest progress in the floor upgrade is seen below. The floor prep will make for a wonderful surface for everyone who participates in physical activities. The men working on the project have been great in explaining how things going. The final preparation is continuing before the painting of gray and blue is applied. The bleachers will be coming soon after. Can't wait!

Box Tops Is New

Box Tops Collection

Our yearly Box Tops collection has changed this year. Our contest will be going all year long instead of just having two collections. There are monthly contests for grade levels and families. Make sure you take a look at the flyer that was included in this email for more information. Checking those expiration dates is very very helpful to our team of PTO volunteers who count these. Thanks so much!

Mrs. Crozier and LLI

Leveled Literacy Instruction is a method of teaching those children who struggle with acquiring reading strategies. Mrs. Crozier, our reading teacher, provided some adult education to parents who wanted to learn more about LLI this past week. We are happy to hear that there was a nice group to join her after school. Remember, reading to your children is one of the best ways for your children to hear words pronounced correctly and learn more about vocabulary (one the main keys to reading success).
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Speaking of Reading-Book Fair and Literacy Night!!!!

Our fall Scholastic bookfair is coming next month. Our PTO is the sponsoring group of this annual event and be on the lookout for the dates-around Parent-Teacher conferences.

We also have a Literacy Night coming on NOV. 2nd. It is a terrific evening about reading, literacy, and what this means to you as parents learning about what we do here. More information coming soon as well.

Mike Budisch

Our kids are really having a good time by many of their phy ed classes outdoors this year. Ms. Monson and Ms. Luberda are teaching the kids all about soccer ball skills and the fresh air is making for terrific classes. We have been blessed by terrific weather as the gym renovation is coming to a close.