By: Jacob Schultz

How are the Japanese and Chinese culture of the dragon different?

History of the dragon

The dragon first started to originate in China. This happened when people in ancient China offered sacrifices to dragons for favorable weather and good harvest. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013) Also as later times in China went on we first started to see drawings of the dragon. This was first discovered in the warring state period (475-221 B.C) dragons were often drawn in paintings on silk. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013) Dragons were also a big part of tribes and the culture in the ancient China. Dragons were one of the totem worship images, in remote times when people liked to use images they held in awe as symbols of there tribe. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013) While In Japan the culture of the dragon they got alot from the Chinese. But something that is unique about Japan is that there dragon is more serpent like than the Chinese is. (Scott, 2015)

Modern Day Research

In Modern day the dragon affects the culture of China. The dragon affects it because in China today they have a dragon boat festival with dragon boat racing on the 5th day of the first month of Chinese lunar. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013) While In Japan they have a dance called the "Golden Dragon Dance" where a dragon is taken threw town and people throw money on to it and touch it for good luck. (Scott, 2015) Also on Chinese new year they perform dragon dances in the street and in public spaces, this is to provide them good luck and prosperity in the year to come. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013)


Theory 1 - The dragon affected the Japanese Culture more than the Chinese.

Theory 2 - The dragon affected the Chinese Culture more than the Japanese.

What I believe

After I did my research on my topic I have decieded that dragons affect the Chinese Culture more than the Japanese. I Chose that theory because the Chinese had alot more Culture than the Japanese did about the dragon. Also Japan got some of there culture of the dragon from China. So they dont have as many things unique to them about the dragon as China does. For example, In China they have Dragon boat festivals, they perform dances on the dragon, the emperor wore a dragon robe, and they have dragon pillars holding up there temples. (Dragon Culture In China, 2013) While in Japan they have dragon dances, and decorated dragon temples. (Scott, 2015) Altough Japan has culture of the dragon China has the same kind culture but they have more that is unique to them.
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