VCR 10

Joann Beasley

The runway model's ___________ eyelashes threatened to fall off of her face when she cried about her foot pain.


adj. fake or counterfeit; doubtful, especially in authorship or authenticity.
APO- greek "away from"
KRUPTEIN- greek "to hide"
Synonyms: false, lying, deceptive, untruthful, forged, artificial.
Antonyms: real, pure, truthful, genuine, sincere, original, honest.

Choose the sentence with the bolded word used incorrectly:

a. The salesman prepped for his meeting, making sure his apocryphal smile was on point.
b. Her pediatrician had a warm and apocryphal personality.
c. Some designer jackets have annoying apocryphal pockets used merely for decoration.
d. The apocryphal waxy apples melted onto the tablecloth in the sun's heat.