Dissecting Arthropods 101

Jiakai Pan Arthropod Dissection Pre-AP Bio Vu Period 1

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Caelifera and Astacoidea

Grasshoppers and crayfish both belong to the kingdom of Animalia, and under the phylum Arthropoda. However, the species differ from here. Grasshoppers are found all over the world, and mostly live on land. However, crayfish live mostly in bodies of fresh water. Crayfish are crustaceans, while grasshoppers are insects. Unlike grasshoppers, who are herbivorous, crayfish are omnivorous, and they will sometimes eat dead animals as well.
Grasshoppers are known to destroy crops, so they are considered pests by many people. They are often very destructive and invasive.

Today's Objectives

Students will learn how to dissect both a grasshopper and a crayfish, and will be able to analyze the respiratory systems of each organism.

Evolutionary Relationships of the Crayfish

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Evolutionary Relationships of the Grasshopper

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Note that the grasshopper is part of the class Insecta.

How to Dissect a Grasshopper

Grasshopper Dissection

How to Dissect a Crayfish

Crayfish dissection-- Internal Anatomy

The Respiratory Systems At A Glance

The respiratory system of a grasshopper compared to the respiratory system of a crayfish is quite different. For example, the grasshopper uses a tracheal system, in which the organism breathes through tracheal tubes. However, the crayfish breathes through its gills, which are attached to its walking legs. The function of both respiratory systems is to obtain oxygen, which is essential to the body.