New super hero in town!

Meet Copperhead/Felic Blakemore

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Felic Blakemore was a technical genius who made a suit out of copper as a possible prototype for soldiers. While testing it, the suit overheated and melded with his skin. Other than the life-changing mishap of the copper melding with his skin, the suit worked perfectly. He now lives his days as Copperhead, saving people with his copper suit that can lift things up to 1000x his mass while also being super flexible. He also wears a visor that shoots heat rays up to 5000 degrees celsius.

About Element

Name: Copper

Symbol: Cu

Atomic Number: 29

Atomic Mass: 63.55

Number of protons: 29

Number of electrons: 29

Characteristics: Conducts heat easily, is pliable, and is tough.

Uses of Element: Alloys, pipes, wires, electronics, and poison.