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Where We Have Been


*I can count pennies, nickels, and dimes.

*I can exchange coins.

*I can use place value as I exchange coins.

*I can use base-10 blocks to make numbers in the hundreds.

*I can solve number stories by adding and subtracting.

*I can count up to make change.


*I can explain and think about key words.

*I can use all I know to decode new vocabulary words.

*I can use drama to bring a topic to life.

*I can find interesting things to share in my books.


*I can write a table of contents.

* I can organize my book with chapters.

* I can use comparisons to teach.

*I can use everything I know about nonfiction writing.

Social Studies and Science

*I use nonfiction to learn new information.

*I can describe characteristics of living and nonliving things.(worms/gummy worms)

Break for NEXT Week's Events

Monday: P.E.

PJ Day

Tuesday: Music

Prince and Princess Day

Wednesday: Early Release Day (2:55)

Double Specials Day

Hat Day

Thursday: Art

Wear Green Day

Author Visit: Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Library Checkout

Friday: Technology


We will no longer be adding words to our word wall. We will use the rest of the school year to make sure these words are "sticking" in our brains. Our focus will be on making sure these words are spelled correctly in our writing.