Tech Bytes

Your Weekly Techspiration! - 11/20/13

Paper Blogging

Teachers often ask, "How can I get started with blogging in my classroom?" Here's an example of a classroom that started with PAPER blogging! Instead of starting with the technology, we asked students to write their first post on paper to ensure that everyone understood the purpose of the task. When they were finished, they hung their blog posts on the side of their desks for all to see. The next lesson will focus on paper commenting where students comment via sticky notes!

Wordle for Biography Poems?

Check out examples from a 3rd grade class that pasted their bio poems into Wordle. Students had to analyze their poem and choose which words they wanted to stand out. (the more times you type a word into Wordle, the larger it becomes). Students were extremely proud of their creations, and it didn't take long because they had already typed their poems in Microsoft Word.

APP Spotlight

PicCollage is an app that is loaded on the iPads in your building's iPad cart. The app allows you to import photos and arrange them in a collage or frames. Here is a second grade example that shows understanding of beginning, middle and end of a story.

Conference Days - Book Me!

I will not be adhering to my usual building schedule during conference days. Please let me know if you'd like to meet to discuss blogging, SMARTBoards, iPads, or any other topic related to instructional technology.