The Science behind the most notorious military instillation

The Beginning of the Superstition

In 1947 an aircraft was recovered by the Government that was said to be a possibly extraterrestrial aircraft even though the government soon released a statement saying that it was a weather balloon. After that conspiracy theorists and skeptics started saying was an alien ship and then it became a HUGE thing.

The Reality

Area 51 is a military instillation used for testing top secret aircraft not for hiding aliens. The Roswell incident was more than likely a highly top secret military aircraft that had some flaws and crashed.

The "Aurora" project

The Aurora project has been deemed a myth, but there has been “sightings.” they say that there were sonic booms in southern California that were deemed unexplainable that there was no possible explanation they said it didn’t compare to any known jets. This project was included in a science magazine news article because of a mistake by the government of making a 455 million dollar deposit into this projects funding. In 1987 the government had already put about 2.3 billion dollars into this project.

Types of Aircraft That Have Been Tested At Area 51

The A-12 was a cold war era jet that was developed through the top-secret program known as “oxcart” this top secret program was made to have a product in the end that would make a high altitude reconnaissance jet that could spy on the Soviets. When done being built it was capable of reaching altitudes as high as 90,000 feet and traveling at about 2,000 miles per hour. The SR-71 was another high altitude reconnaissance jet that was created from the A12 t it was also tested at Area 51 the SR-71 went on to break records in speed of an aircraft.