90's Events

Iran-contra scandal

President Reagan denounced Iran after a terrorist hostage situation and said that America would never sell anything to terrorist organizations. In 1986 though it came to light that in that time Reagan had actually sold the terrorist arms in exchange for the prisoners.

Space shuttle Challenger

The Challenger space ship was launched in 1986 and during reentry the crew was killed, causing the U.S. To examine its space program closely and cut funding.
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Fall of Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall was constructed by the Soviet Union to keep the east and west parts of Berlin from mixing. With the fall of the iron curtain the wall also crumbled in 1989.
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Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm was a U.S. Military operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi control after military dictator osama bin ladin invaded to capture oil in other contries that the u.s. had economic interests in.

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Bill clintons impeachment

President Bill Clinton was found to be having an affair in office and, under oath lied to America saying he never did. He was impeached but never taken out of office.
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Businesses related to or connected to the Internet.
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USS Vincennes

U.S. Naval war ship that shot down an Iranian passenger airline plane over the Persian gulf, where it was not supposed to be