"A Rebel Without A Cause"

Plato's challenges

Plato's challenges are that he is really lonely because he has doesn't have parents around to support him and help him. His parents are either on vacation or his dad just really never talks to him, but just sent him child support. Another challenge that he faces is his condition that he is in. For example, his mom went to Hawaii instead of letting Plato get the treatment that he needs for his condition. Therefore, he went without his treatment for that period of time just so his mom could go on vacation. He is probably thinking that his parents really don't care about him that much because they never seem to spend time with him. These challenges impact the things that he does in the movie because he is only a teenager, his parents are never around, and he is not on his medication. These challenges are impacting him in a bad way because he starts hanging out with Jim and his friends, since he has no other ones. Plato also has to face his puppy killing schemes. I don't think that he realizes that he should feel remorse for the puppy or anything because he probably is really mentally there when this situation happened because he was not getting the treatment that he needed. This impacts Plato because he is really not aware of his actions and he is a teenager.

Did Plato change or learn something throughout the movie or not?

I don't think that Plato changed throughout the movie because he was the same person that he was in the beginning of the movie. For example, he was always scared at the beginning of the movie and he didn't change all the way from the beginning to the end, because he was still scared to go out into the lights of the cop cars. He showed that he didn't change also because he was still doing rebellious things such as taking the gun, going to the bluff competition and also by sneaking out away from home since his parents were gone. Plato also did change out of his childish ways throughout the movie. He still wore his mismatched socks and never learned from his mistakes.

Would you go to the police if your parents told you not to? Why or why not?

It depends on the circumstance. For example, I would if my parents were doing something really awful such as killing someone or beating on me. I would have to feel really bad about it in order for me to work up enough courage to go against my parents and turn them in for something they did. If it was for a good reason then I would not go to them, but if I did something terribly wrong I would want to fix it and confess to what I did. When you get older you learn to love your parents and respect them in what they do, and if they did something against the law I would turn them in after I thought about it and talked it over with them in what they did. If my parents told me not to go to the police I would believe them and most likely not do it because they are older than me and they know what could happen to me. I probably would think about for a while and then go to the police if the situation was really bothering me.


A theme in this book is belongingness and family. Belongingness plays a huge role in this movie because all of the teens are feeling like they aren't accepted and or left out in their families. The three teenagers get together to talk about what bothers them most and they stick to each other and become friends. All of these teenagers seem to have a bad relationship with their parents. They all seem to either not get along with them, feel excepted or feel like they are never around for them. Belongingness and family are big things in this movie because everyone wants to feel accepted into their families.


A symbol in "Rebel Without A Cause" is Plato's mismatched socks. I think this symbol means that he wants to be different in this society. I also think that it could represent the freedom that he wants to seek and get because he is always so lonely and has no friends. Plato seems to have no one around to take care of him because his dad only sends him child support and never talks to him, while his mom is on vacation in Hawaii. I think that he is trying to get some freedom in his life, even though his parents are always gone. Plato's mismatched socks mean that he is never going to grow up because he is still not wearing the same socks and he is not getting taught the things that other children their age should now because his parents are gone.