Child Care Worker

See what it take to do this job

Personal Characteristics

A child care worker is someone whose job is to care for children whose parents don’t have the time nor energy to care for their children themselves. So for this job, you would have to first of like children and it not matter their personality type, because you’ll probably have to deal with a lot of different ones.

Another thing is is that you’ll have to be creative, whether it be deciding what to do for the day or even down to what you're going to dress them in. And remember you’re working with children, typically ages 1 to say 6, so you have to be or seem full of spirit and enthusiasm. A helpful tip though, the more social you are the more inclined the child(ren) will like you, due to the fact that they are more people oriented.

In addition you have to be a person willing to change for the kid that you are working with so that you can ensure their well being and certainty of being placed in your care.

Training/Education Requirements

Most state require you to have a high school diploma, but some states don’t require any sort of diploma. Although one thing that is required at every state is a Child Development Associate certification from the Council for Professional Recognition.

Job Discription

Most of the times you don't actually come up with the scheduels yourself, you mearly follow what the parents have left for you.

  • Dressing the children

  • Serving them breakfast

  • For the older ones prepare them for school

  • Maybe a little play time to wake them up

  • After that maybe a highlight of the day activity such as taking them to the park, trip to the local library, or maybe just having story time indoors

  • Lunch should then be served

  • Typically after that nap time would commence

  • After nap time there is normally an easy activity, from drawing to dancing around to appropriate music

  • Then it’s dinner time, before the parents return home

  • It’s rare that you will have to stay the night, but at times you will have to stay late

Job Outlook

Job opening are steady increasing, from 2012 to 2022 it is estimated to increase by 24%

Working Conditions

Working conditions of a child care worker include a lot of on your feet and crouching to be the same height of those who you work with (children). Your working hours are mostly all day, from the time you wake up to the time the parents come home, which might be pretty late. While the hours may sound stressful it would all depend on what child you are working with and how you handle their personality.