Best Batting Average

By Jaylen Li


Best Batting Average: In May 1999, two National League baseball players, Joe McEwing of the St. Louis Cardinals and Mike Lieberthal of the Philidelphia Phillies both had the batting averages shown in the table below.
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Suppose McEwing then batted 4 hits out of 5 bats and Lieberthal was perfect (3 hits out of 3 bats). Which player now has the higher average? Give the new averages.

How do you do It?

We know that the average is adding up all the numbers and then dividing then by the amount of numbers. In this case, we can quickly find the average by dividing the number of hits by the number of bats. This is because in baseball you can either have 1 hit, or no hits. The number of hits are already added up for you so the number of hits is also the total amount so you can just divide the number of hits by the number of bats to quickly find the average. We can just add the new number of hits to the current number of hits and the same thing with bats and then simply find the average for both.

Step 1

Let's start out calculating Lieberthal's new average. Lieberthal hit 3 out of 3 bats, so we will add 3 to the hits section and 3 to the bats section.
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Step 2

If we wanted to, we could add all the times he didn't hit it and all the times he did hit it and divide everything by the amount of numbers, but as I explained in the explanation, we can divide 48 by 135 to find the average. The answer is .356

Step 3

MeEwing also hit 4 out of 5 bats, so we have to add 4 to the hits and 5 to the bats.
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Step 4

Now we can find the new average by dividing the hits by the bats (49 by 137). McEwing's new average is .358

Final Step

Our easiest and final step is to compare and submit the two averages. .358 is greater than .356 so McEwing now has a better batting average than Lieberthal. Our final answer is McEwing has the better batting average and the averages are .358 and .356.