1798 election


Vote Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He helped make us be free. Now he deserves to be your president. If you don't believe he should take office, you may not believe in a beautiful future for our new independent country. Jefferson supports siding with France on the war verses Britain.

Why to vote for Democratic-Republican

The Federalists want our country to be ruled by the wealthy people, when most of our country at this point is struggling, so this is going against our freedom of representation.

They also want to put tariffs on imported goods which can affect the farmers, because farmers need to get supplies from outside the country to keep their farms running. We the Republicans believe in free trade and no taxes.

Federalists want a strong federal government which we had just fought a revolution to get away from, the Republicans believe the power should belong to the states not to the federal government.

Why not to elect a Federalist

Why vote for someone who wants to side with the enemy Britain. Britain had taken away our freedom. Do you really want them to become our friends after that. They also support the Alien and Sedition acts which will destroy our freedoms, like freedom of speech and the press.