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I am thankful for you. Not just feeding you a line there.
Your passion for working with your families inspires me and is so contagious. Listening to each of you in our 1:1 calls tell me how much you learn from one another and how you want to talk with one another more and hear more about strategies and programs means that you are excited to grow in your role. I'm thankful to be working with such an amazing group of women!
While I will not speak with each and every one of you before the holiday, I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you and to let you know that you're on my daily list of people and things which bless me!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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This Week Let's Focus On Being Thankful For
A Burning Question
DATA: Something to think about
An Engagement Idea from a Colleague
Strategy Button
A Tool to Share
Sharing from the PLC

This Week Let's Focus On Being Thankful For

Things that have gone well
Things that, with some adjustment, will improve
Things that you are looking forward to undertaking

Burning Question

Curious what this week's burning question from your colleagues is?
Hit the button to find out and share!


I just attend a meeting that used this clip of a TED Talk which, while I had viewed it before, strikes me more strongly today.
Let me know what your take away is on this:
data video

Sharing Engagement Ideas from Your Colleagues

From Gina Warren with LAVCA: Some Online Cooking Fun! Curious? This is really awesome!
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I've Got a Strategy to Share!

Have you found something valuable? Have a strategy that makes your life easier or your product better? Please, share!

Professional Learning Community

PLCs are YOUR community. These are the people that know what it's like in YOUR role. Don't miss out on the opportunity to share with one another.

Watch for pre-PLC assignment to come!

Think of it this way, just like you want your families to come to the things that you know will make a difference, I want you to come and see what's going on that could make a difference to you.

Our Next PLC is: December 8.
These are mandatory for all FAST Staff, so please register for them at
Our Next Topic is:
12/8/15- Taking Stock- Reflections on What's Working

National Professional Development

BOT Strategies for Success with Michelle Scionti
Thursday, November 19
3pm Eastern/2pm Central/ 1pm Mtn/ 12noon Pacific
During this session participants will discuss practical methods for creating and implementing a Back On Track Plan with students and parents.

This would be a good opportunity to learn more about Back on Track Plans and get an insight into how you might take part in these plans as things go forward.

A Tool to Share

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This is an interesting site with one resource that was shared with me by Robin Wise, the K12 Staffer who is an expert on Title 1. But whether you're a Title 1 school or not, there are good things to be found in this document. Don't print it, but do download it so that you have it.

Sharing from Last Week's PLC: Jasmin Poor, CASC

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Have You Sent Your PLC Exit Tickets to Lori ?

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