Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Henry Sewell

Who Did Whatever Happened?

SciLab Co.'s own Henry Sewell (Me) has discovered how to make energy off of Nuclear Fusion on December 10th, 2015. Nuclear fusion is the power that charges the sun, and we have found out how to use it.

Why Is This Important And How Does It Work?

Nuclear fusion was an energy that was previously untapped, as there was no real way to change it into an alternative energy until now! Nuclear fusion's power comes from the coming together of atoms, and their energy that releases. This is the opposite of nuclear fission, which gets its' powers from atoms splitting apart. Now that we can use nuclear fusion, our alternative energy powers greatly increase.

Safety Concerns and Precautions of Using Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion can release a lot of energy, which could lead to accidents that could kill hundreds, so the nuclear fusion process needs to be CLOSELY watch, or lots could die. There are some dangerous materials used in this process.

Economic Impact Of Our Economy

Nuclear fusion creates tons of energy, so a lot of alternative energy companies will probably go bankrupt from the new energy. Because of the great amount of energy now able to be used, lots of new inventions will probably come into surface taking advantage of the new energy source.