Make Lemonade, and Discrimination

By Mike Manella, H Period, CP English 9

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is the act of making fun of one's race, gender, sexuality, religion, and everything else that can be offended. In the past there have been many Discrimination groups all headed towards similar, but different goals, to exterminate who they thought was inferior.

Women's Rights Movements

Women opened Birth Control Clinics in Brooklyn New York in the year 1916. In 1936, birth control was considered not to be obscene anymore. In 1955 the first lesbian organization in the US was founded. In 1960 the FDA approved the use of Birth Control Pills. In 1968 Sex Segregated hiring ads were banned from newspapers.

Women Couldn't Participate in Wars

Back in wartime the women weren't allowed to do much. The boys and men were being drafted into the military to help fight World War I, II, Vietnam, and Korean wars. However women were left when their sons and husbands went off to war overseas. They wanted to go with them, and some disguised themselves as men to be in the draft. Others begged to go, and were shut down.

Women Were Paid Less

There were different minimum wages for men and women back in wartime. The men were paid significantly more than the women were, because they thought that women belonged in the kitchen, and had to take care of the children.

Women Couldn't Vote

During the 1900's Women didn't have the right to vote for anything. They couldn't vote for president, or senators. They couldn't even vote for governors of the state they lived in. Women finally stood up for themselves, and they gained the right to vote.

Discrimination in School

In School people are always picked on for what they like, or their mental disabilities. In my experience in High School most of the things that people are picked on about are religion, and mental disabilities. People are always making fun of the Jewish religion, and saying that people have Autism. These things can't be controlled in high school. You can't decide what religion you are, and you also can't decide if you are born with a mental disability or not.

How did Discrimination shape America?

America learned from the ways of discrimination, and fixed it. They made sure nobody would be discriminated against ever again. That didn't last long, due to the freedom of speech law. However it did severely die down since the times when it was bad.

U.S Discrimination Currently: Sexuality

Many people are discriminated in 2015. These people are Gays, Bisexuals, Lesbians, Homosexuals, and Asexuals. These people have odd sexual attraction, or none. They are made fun of even though there have been efforts to stop it.

U.S. Discrimination Currently: The KKK (Ku Klux Klan)

These people have existed since the 1870's. They are a group of people who do not approve of black rights, and want them to be killed. They have meetings to decide how to attack the blacks. During the black rights movement the KKK bombed various black schools, churches, and everything else. The KKK haven't done anything since the 20th century, however they still operate out of various places.

World Discrimination Today: Neo-Nazis

The Neo-Nazis believe that the Jewish religion is inferior. The group was formed after the fall of Nazi Germany after World War II. These people kill the Jewish people, and are basically the KKK against the Jewish Religion. They call themselves the Fourth Reich, and are a global practice.

World Discrimination Today: ISIS

ISIS is a terrorist group who believe that their religion is superior to the rest of the others. Their religion is Islamic Extremist, which is the Islamic religion, but they will kill whoever gets in their way. They have been behind the Terrorist attacks of 9/11, and The Boston Bombing. They also caused the Paris bombing last month.

Discrimination Against Women in Make Lemonade

When Jolly was sexually harassed in the closet at work, she was blamed for the whole thing and was fired later that day. Jolly also never finished High School, because she was taken advantage of due to being a female. She also had to get 2 jobs to pay for the children and the house

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