NSA Tracking Is Bad

By: DJ, Jordan, and Sebastian

NSA Tracking Opinion

We think NSA tracking is bad because they track millions of Innocent peoples phones. Tracking of phones also would leak some "pictures" that people wouldn't want to be leaked. Also peoples conversations will be seen as well. If you track our phones you get everything else on it.

Also if they track terrorists phone we would also track rather millions of innocent users. If they keep tracking us and our phones/data then the people are going to try and shut down the NSA.


The NSA is “getting vast volumes” of location data from people around the world,said one anonymous employee, but the agency does not target Americans in the United States, the Washington post reports. The agency does, however, vacuum up a substantial amount of location data on Americans “incidentally,” as a result of its monitoring of global cell phone networks that support US and foreign traffic as well as the cell phones of Americans traveling abroad. U.S. officials say the program is legal and designed to collect information only on foreign targets even though it also Collecting innocent peoples data and information.