greek cultral contributions



Greek architecture is know for its columns. There are three types of columns, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Other types of Greek art include pottery , sculptures and paintings. Every city state had a temple that was dedicated to a specific God. They went there to worship and make sacrifices. Some leaders like Pericles and Alexander the great spread the Greek architecture throughout Europe.

We see Greek influence in architecture today in important buildings. The White House, Capitol Building, Supreme Court and the Lincoln Memorial all have columns that show Greek influence.


Greek government was a direct government and all there leaders could only serve one year and to choose a new leader they used lottery for the new leaders . Also some of the leaders were Alexander the Great also their was Pericles. Slavery was very common in Ancient Greece nearly every everyone had a slave. Some of the wars in Greece was the Dark Age, The Roman Period, Peleponnesian war and the Persian war.

Some Greek culture that still is around today is you have to be 18 or older to vote. Like Greek we do have a Democracy. We have a President term of two years but could go four years if elected again.


Some of the people that played Greece sports was the free unmarried men that played the sports. The games they would play would be Running, Jumping, Javelin throwing and Boxing. The fans that watched was unmarried woman and men could watched. Also the Gods would watch. The reason why the Ancient Greece would play sports was all for the Gods to show how good Greece was. The way the Greeks felt about the athletes was they was like heros to Greece they had big parades they made statues of them. Free meals for a year.

Some of Greek culture is still around today is the Olympics played every four years. Also Boxing, Javelin throwing, And Discus.


Some Philosophy in Greece was Socrates, Plato, Aristole, Euclia, Pythagorus, and Arononviedes. Some of Greece beliefs or ideas were Archimedes, discovered Pie, and made made war machines. Greece wrote Plato the republic Aristale. Some important things Greece research was science, math, medicine, the univerus and life. The Philosophy people was afraid of them the philosophy questioned the government sexculed a Philosophy was killed because of treason.

Some of Greek culture we see today is Docters using Hippocrate Oath. We still use math skills like Pie and we also still study Geometry.


Greece used story telling to explain the weather like storms and snow and rain. Some Mythology heros in Greece was a Chilles, Actareon Zeus, Heracles, Perseus, Altanta. Some of the God powers were Zeus God of lighting, Aplo God of light, Heds God of the under word. Homer and Aesop wrote Mythology. Accrording to Greece when the Greece people died they thought that your soul went to a river bank that went to the Underworld.

Some of Greek culture we see today is the Myths and the Mythology movies like Heracles and the movie Percy Jackson. And those are some of Greek culture we still see today!