#6 Book Talks

Meghan Will

Instructional Focus

Oral Language


Content Areas

Grade Levels

Pre K - Grade 2

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

What is a Book Talk?

A book talk is a teaser that a teacher gives to introduce a new book to students. It makes students interested in the book or series by the teacher summarizing the book, and reading a short excerpt aloud. Students can do book talks by sharing about a book they recently read or want their fellow classmates to read. By doing a book talk, it get the students excited about reading and motivates them to pick up a book and read in their spare time.

Steps of a Book Talk

  1. Select a book to share: The teacher chooses a book the students most likely haven't heard of or haven't shown interest in.
  2. Plan a brief presentation: Including...title, author, genre or topic and a summary that entices them without giving away the ending. The teacher wants the students to know he/she liked it and reads a paragraph or page from the book.
  3. Present the book talk: The teacher wants to show how much he/she enjoyed the book. The teacher will make connections to books like it or a book in the same series the students might have read as a class.

During a book talk...

  • stand in front of the class
  • show the cover, pictures in the book and pass it around
  • be prepared to answer questions
  • don't give away the ending!


  • Beginning of the year when showing students what books you, the teacher, has in your classroom library
  • Introducing a new book to the classroom library
  • Literature circles
  • For a set of books that will be used in a thematic unit
  • After a read aloud following a book in the same series
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  • Students recount or summarize books they've read
  • Students apply knowledge of the structure and craft of stories
  • Students orally report a text, often including multimedia components
  • Students demonstrate their comprehension as they present book talks