Film Making

The great change

From The Start

People began experimenting with ways of making and viewing moving pictures in the 1800's. By the 1890's the inventor, Thomas Edison [have you ever heard of that name before?] , had developed a movie camera. Later , he invented a projector.

******FUN******* Facts

I will list my fun facts that I found:

*****1 Screen writing is the heavy lifting of movie making.

*****2 Movies are a form of entertainment.

*****3 Movies used to be in black and white and now they're in color.

Movie Production in France

In the early 1900's France was the center of movie industry but by the 1900's most movies were made in the U.S. Big movie studios were set up in Hollywood. In France, Lois Lumiere invented a combine movie camera and a projector. In the early 1900's, The Lumer brothers opened the world's first movie theater in Paris, France.

Disney's first movie was Steam Boat Willie

Steam Boat Willie was changed to mickey mouse and made in July 1928. The movie is a great show that little kids love to watch girls and boys.

My Timeline On Movie Making


During the first couple of years in the 1900's it was a great discovery for film making . People loved the first try of film. In this time period , the use of editing, using backdrops, and a different approach to the going of time were all becoming more seen. This was a very happy time. The movies here [in this time period] had no sound and they were black and white .


Movie making in the 1920'S was a time for the industry to really grow and expand. It was the beginning of ''star". In this time period they added sound but they were still in black and white.


The 1950's was the birth of civilization . It was remembered as a happy jazz time . They made lots of drive in's . In this time people had lots of things to film about because the attack on pearl harbor. They raked there highest profits. This time of year they added just a little color.


1963 was the worst year in film making the U.S. only produced 141 films the next year they produced 361 films . In this year they declined because the deaths of Marilyn Monroe ,Mr.King, and the president John F. Kennedy . They had color and sound but, this was not a good production.

The End