Mark Twain's Life

Noah Lindauer Period 4


Early Childhood

  • he was a kid
  • he renamed himself "Mark Twain"
  • His mom and dad had there last kid named "Henry"
  • one year after that they moved to Hannibal, Missouri
  • Samuel spent his days running around with a group of other local boys


  • He was not educated beyond elementary school
  • he believes that schooling is different from Education
  • He warns us of the hazards of following the education system with blind faith
  • He Also Believed Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.
  • In 1846, when he was 11 his father died of pneumonia so he quit school and became a printer’s apprentice with the Hannibal Journal to help support his family


  • Mark Twain was his pen name
  • He worked at the Hannibal Journal until 1851, during which time he was made a typesetter and contributed articles and humorous sketches.
  • Twain often drew from his life in his writings.
  • His first book, The Innocents Abroad, was published in 1869
  • Then he also wrote many other books in his career


  • he married Olivia Langdon
  • he had 3 children
  • they all were girls