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Lisette said she paid you

After a few minutes a large man came marching toward me. What you want? he said, dark eyes suspicious. I kept my voice steady and asked to speak to Lek, making a point of looking directly into his eyes. He continued to option binaire stare at me, as if waiting for something. Then I remembered; everybody wanted money. Reaching into my bag, trying not to expose Eddy’s shaving pouch, I extracted five dollars from my change purse. The speed with which he took the money left no question that I’d guessed right.

He examined the bill then shoved it into option binaire his pants pocket. Okay, I get Lek. Several more minutes passed before Lek came strutting toward me. Decked out in high heels, pink shorts, a sheer top with two sequins strategically placed over her nipples, she’d transformed herself back into the showgirl. The man remained close by her side, like a bodyguard, until she dismissed him with a nod. After a final glare in my direction, he turned and walked away. Come, she said, and led the way to the other side of the bar, away from the exit.

Stopping at a high, round table she turned and faced me, looking directly into my eyes. You have Eddy passport? Her abrupt attitude surprised me. I’d expected that we’d option binaire talk. I’d tell her what I knew and she’d at least attempt an explanation. I could have understood that. But her cold indifference stirred a sense of stubbornness within me. I met her gaze, coolly.

It’s in the safe where I’m staying. I wanted to make sure you were really here before bringing option binaire it. Lek eyed my shoulder bag, clearly unconvinced. I tell you bring passport. Now I want. I shook my head. I’m worried, Lek. What if somebody finds out what happened? I could get in trouble too. Find what? Nothing to find. What do you mean? What about Eddy? I stalled. You give passport. I sell. No problem. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

He’s not dead, is he? Why did you make this up? Lek stood very still, concentrating on her hands, which she’d option binaire spread out in front of her. Long, red fingernails filed to sharp points. I help Lisette. She lifted her chin, defiantly, looking into my eyes. She happy when she think Eddy dead. So what? My eyes opened wider at her words. I had expected denial, but instead her straightforward explanation disarmed me. Only for option binaire a moment, however, until I remembered what Lisette had told me. That’s not good enough.
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