For Boys


The activities in Pre-Sports are very fun most of the the time because you can go outside and play whatever you want to play like soccer or football or even you can just run around with your classmates and/or friends.

Some of the activities are drill that can be very hard or very easy such as running for a certain amount of time or exercising by doing push-ups or even sit-ups.

What you need to know about pre-sports

You need to know many things about being in pre-sports because you might not want to be in pre-sports or you might want to quit it if you're in there.You need to know that you need to change clothes in the locker room (just pointing that you because you might be uncomfortable with that ,but don't worry not everybody will be focused just on you), you have to buy a lock and clothes to change into and you might get dirty so you have to wash your clothes. Also be very careful you don't want to get hit with some type of ball or by someone. BIG THING, keep your stuff locked very tight so no one will steal it.