A Raisin In The Sun

Amanda Forneris & Ines Aguirre pd.2

Thesis Statement

In "A Raisin In The Sun" there was a american family who was poor and trying to mange to live. Mama which is the mother of Walter is receiving a check from the insurance when Walters father had died. From that money mama wants to buy a house in a white neighborhood. But Walter wants to buy a huge liquor store and lives off that. While Ruth wants to move out to a house. Everyone is wanting to do something different to become better in life.
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Theme Analysis

There is a a family who is managing to live. Walter's mother is getting a check from a insurance company from his dad when he had died. Mama is planning on moving out to nice house which is in a white neighborhood. Mama is leaving the house for Travis. Walter is getting half of the money and he lost it all making a deal. So all of the family is arguing about it. theirs a guy who is trying to get them from buying the house. But mama and Ruth both are getting Walter to get it and to be man enough to agree with them to get it. "All alright Mr. Linder that's your neighborhood out there You got the right to keep it like the way you want" (pg. 144).
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Mama is wanting to get the money and move out in a better environment. Mama bought a house in a white neighborhood. She didn't care about the fact that there nothing but white people and they are being offended by that fact there will be a american family moving in the neighborhood. I think mama and her family are able to move in there new house without any problems. They shouldn't be worried about the racism going on. people should be able to have the much freedom as everyone else in the world. "Mama there ain't going ain't no colored people living in Clyourne Park".(Pg 93). well i guess there's going to be some now.


The characters I am choosing are Mama and Walter. "Who is that you inviting over here with his house looking like this?" You ain't go the pride you was born with!"( pg. 56) Walter dream is to make a deal with this guy to get own a liquor store and to make money from it. He is wanting to support his family by that. Walter lost his money by trying to make the deal. Mama dream is to buy a house in a rich white neighborhood. She wants to make their life better and leave the house to Walters son Travis. Both of their dreams are different. "Cause sometimes it hard to let the future begin."(pg.125). Matter with me?" Ain't nothing the matter with me!" (pg. 72) Mama "I Ain't never stop trusting you. Like I Ain't never stop loving you." (pg.107) Water "You trust me like that. Mam?"


In A Raisin In The Sun there's a american family who wants to have a better life. they are going to rough time trying to live. Mama wants to make everything better for them. Mama is receiving a insurance check from Walters father. with that money her dream is to buy a house from them. while everyone's dream is different.

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