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Cable Families: October Newsletter

Cafecito with the Counselors

Friday, October 2nd, 2:30-3:15

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To play Loteria throughout the presentation, grab a card you might have at home and play as we call the cards. If you don't have a Loteria card, please call the Cable Counselors and we will make sure to get you one. We don't want you to miss out on the awesome prizes and especially meeting our awesome Academic Specialist Team.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Tip of the Month

In this month's SEL tip, we bring to you an article explaining the importance of helping our kids name their emotions. Here is an excellent point made in the article:

If you take the time to pause and let your children experience their emotions, and with time, label them for themselves, you are helping grow resilient and well-balanced kids. Instead of distracting your kids when they cry or get frustrated, or dismissing their feelings, allow them to come to grips with their experience. This allows kids to accept and then accommodate their emotions. It’s a journey for parents to go on first with themselves and then with their children. When your feelings control you, it is pretty scary. When you can articulate what the feeling is, and know that it will pass, you feel less afraid and more ready to meet life full on. What an amazing gift to give your children.

Click on the link to read the entire article for some fun ways to help children name their emotions: A Fun Way to Help Kids Name Their Feeling and Why it's Important

Mindful Moment: 7 Mindful Parenting Tips to Start Today!

Establishing new routines, keeping track of different schedules, and online learning, can all add to the demanding role of being a parent. Using mindfulness when you start to feel overwhelmed and stressed can help you catch those feelings before they become too hard to handle. Below are some useful tips you can start implementing today. Remember, small steps in change are still steps in the direction you want to move. Be patient with yourself, you are doing great. You got this!!
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Parent Hack

Have you heard, "Mom, I'm bored!" too many times? Need to keep the kids busy between zoom sessions once they are done with school work? Try having an activity BINGO of things they can do around the house. Once they get 5 in a row, you can offer a reward. This gets kids more excited about completing the activities. Feel free to print out any of the two BINGO examples we have attached below. You can also make your own to customize it to what you have at home for your child to do.
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What Are Those Cable Counselors Up To Now?

National Red Ribbon Week: October 26th - 30th

Our Cable Cubs will celebrate the nation's oldest and largest drug prevention awareness campaign during the last week of October. Flyers and information will be shared with students and families in the weeks to come.
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Books and Topics for this Month's Classroom Guidance Lessons

Parent Resources & Services

Below are the resources available to our Cable families. We know the need for resources changes from month to month and even from day to day. Please complete the form below to let us know of the type of assistance we can help you with.

Backpacks and Supplies

The Cable Counselors and CIS still have backpacks and supplies available. Please reach out to us if you are still in need of these material.
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Student clothing assistance is available for all children attending NISD. Contact the Counselors for further information on how to access this service.
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How to Reach us?

October is a busy month in Guidance & Counseling, and that's just how we like it! Here are some materials, events, and topics we will be discussing this month.