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John Winthrop was born on January 22, 1588. He was born in Edwardstone, England. When he was fifteen years of age he went to Trinity College, Cambridge. When he was seventeen he married his first wife Mary Forth. In college he studied Law. He was a government official from 1627-1629. John Winthrop was a very religious person. He made himself into a fully pledged Puritan. John Winthrop joined a company and moved his family to america.

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In 1630, John Winthrop sailed the Arbella west to America. He had the idea that he would settle in a colony that would be viewed as "a city on a hill." He was the founder of the Massachusetts bay colony. John Winthrop was like a father figure to the other colonists the the colony. During the Massachusetts elections he was elected as the governor 12 times. He sent Roger Williams of who later founded Rhode Island. He also Banished Anne Hutchinson which was one of his most famous events.

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