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May Family Newsletter

Important School Dates & Events to Remember

Looking Ahead:
  • May 12th: 3rd-5th Grade STAAR Reading Assessment
  • May 13th: STAAR Reading Make-up testing
  • May 16th: No School for students/ Staff Development
  • May 18th: 3rd-5th Grade STAAR MATH Assessment
  • May 19th: 5th Grade Science STAAR Assessment & 3rd-4th math make-up testing
  • May 20th: 5th Grade STAAR Make-up testing
  • May 23rd: RJ Field Day (times TBD)
  • May 24th: 5th grade ceremony @ 10:30AM & 5th Farewell EOY activities
  • May 25th: 3rd awards @ 8:30 & 4th awards @ 9:45 & Early Release & Last Day of School!

Register Now for the 22-23 School Year

It's time to complete Returning Registration!


Registration for the 22-23 school year is now open! Save a seat for your student!

Burnet CISD registration: https://www.burnetcisd.net/apps/pages/registration

Parent Input Form for 2022-2023 School Year

Parents, we'd love to hear from you! Your input is important to us as we begin the planning process for next year's classes. Please be sure to check out the Parent Input Form below and tell us all about your child and their needs for next school year!

Parent Input Link (or use the button below): https://forms.gle/sepnrcQV5NRoHizC6

STAAR testing This Week

This week on Thursday, May 12th, students at RJ Richey and all around the State will participate in STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) Reading Assessment.

Your support at home will also ensure that your child does well on this test and feels confident in showing what they know. Here are some things you might do at home to best prepare in making these testing days the best they can be for your child:

· Be sure that your child gets a full night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast the day of the test.

· Please have your students to school by 7:55 a.m. the mornings of testing.

· Avoid pressure in the form of threats and rewards associated with test results and try not to make comparisons to the performance of siblings or peers.

· Set realistic performance expectations and encourage your child to do their best.

· Express your confidence in your child’s ability to do well and let them know that SO many people believe in them. They have an amazing teacher that has worked hard to prepare them well.

We wanted to also provide you with a few answers to possible questions you might have so that you can also talk with your students, reassure them that normal routines will be in place, and that there is nothing to focus on other than doing their best, applying what they know, and believing in themselves!

Testing FAQs:

Q: Will students be provided snacks or can they bring them from home?

A: The campus is providing multiple snacks for our test takers. Students have goldfish as well as bottled water to enjoy during and after testing. Students ARE welcome to bring snacks from home, but due to testing materials and devices needing to stay as clean as possible and students needing to be energized by the food they eat, we ask that only healthy snacks that are not juicy, sticky, messy, or that require eating utensils come to school with students that day. Great snack alternatives to those provided are: granola bars, fruit bars, or individually packaged crackers.

Q: How long does testing last?

A: Students are allowed 4 hours for testing per State standards. However, there are some students that have allowable supports for extended time, so testing could last until dismissal on testing days. All students also have lunch breaks that do not count toward the 4 hours of testing.

Q: How is lunch different on testing days?

A: Lunch schedules remain mostly the same for all classes. We ask that there not be any visitors for lunch on testing days however. Classrooms stop testing for lunch, and they will eat in the cafe monitored by their teachers. Students who are testing may bring their lunch from home or select a lunch from the cafeteria on testing days.

Q: How do we need to prep my child’s electronic devices or materials for testing?

A: Students must use a district device for testing. We will keep all students’ chromebooks on campus before the testing date to ensure proper charging takes place before the day of the assessments. We will also check all devices to ensure proper functioning with keyboards, keys, and connectivity. This will help to alleviate any device anxiety from students and staff. Please reinforce with your child that no other electronics such as phones, bluetooth headphones, etc. can be used during testing.

Last Six-Weeks Progress Reports Online Now

Progress Report Grades Viewable & Posted in Family Access:

Your student's grades have posted in Skyward Family Access for this past six-weeks of school.

Please follow the link below to access your child's grades & attendance reports:

Important Parent Quick Links and Info:

Burnet Sports Summer Camp Info:

Transportation Change Information:

Daily Transportation Changes:

As a reminder, we are not able to change your child's transportation for the day through the front office or by emailing the school. However, if you need to change your child's way home, please complete the transportation request here:

Do you need to change your child's mode of transportation? Here's how!

Please go to https://www.burnetcisd.net/ , click on the Departments tab, then Transportation. In the upper right hand corner there is a link to change your child's method of transportation. This request must be made by 1:30pm. Please make sure you have included the the name of your child's teacher and only submit on the day you need the change made.

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