IAOP - July Meetup

A Panel Discussion on SMAC - Social,Mobile, Analytics, Cloud

Be sure to attend this week.

The Minnesota Chapter of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) is hosting a panel discussion on July 24th at 3pm on SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. These outsourcing topics are now very relevant to every enterprise and small business. Come listen to panel experts on these topics, trends, and how companies have benefited from outsourcing in these areas (good and bad).

Moderator – JP Balakrishnan, Infosys

Panel Members

Social – Sudeep Gautam, Infosys

Mobile - Phil Wilson - Mobile Twin Cities

Analytics - Dan Atkins, MinneAnalytics

Cloud - Douglas Pollei, Virtacore

IAOP July Meeting on Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud

Thursday, July 24th, 3pm

4400 W 78th St #200, Minneapolis, MN 55435

IAOP activities

3.15 to 3.30 PM

SMAC - Social Mobile Analytics Cloud

3.30 to 5.00 PM

Wrap Up

5.00 to 5.10 PM