Second Grade: Specials Spotlight

Third Quarter 2016-2017

Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


In our library classes this quarter students learned some new library vocabulary terms and their definitions while playing Library Lingo. Students worked in groups putting fiction call numbers in order. They then located books in the Everyone and Fiction sections using call numbers. We previewed some of the books that were coming to our Spring Scholastic Book Fair. We had fun reading There’s a Wocket in My Pocket in celebration of Read Across Riverview Week and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Students brainstormed some places where something could be and then created their own page in the fun rhyming style of Dr. Seuss.


One of the big projects for 2nd graders was to create animals and images from the Bear books used in their music performance. Students studied animal shapes and practiced their creations. They applied chalk pastels for color and each animal or image was photographed on a background similar to the ones from the books. Photographs were put into a slide show projected during the 2nd-grade music performance. Students studied color theory while producing work in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. Third graders cut many different colored circles that were mounted a black background creating a beautiful display. Before Spring Break we studied Gyotaku fish printing that has been a practice in Japan for hundreds of years. Students are using found objects to make line and shape prints on fish shaped paper cut-outs.


3rd quarter for 2nd grade was highlighted by the 2nd grade music program, “Bear’s Big Concert!” I am so proud of the hard work these students put into their show. They did such a wonderful job of bringing our stories to life! After watching and evaluating their performance, we spent some time with movement activities. We played a stick passing game and discovered that as the music’s tempo (speed) increased, it became much more important to stay focused! The sticks were really moving by the end of the game! Improvisation is an important skill learned in music classes. We began with improvised movement this quarter, and will expand to more next quarter and in future years. This is something that helps students grow in their ability to think on their feet in other subjects, too.


Second grade did a nice job setting up their PowerPoint for conferences. I hope you enjoyed their presentations! They also published their book reports which they finalized with iMovie on SeeSaw. Please take a second to view your child's work. They went through a lot of new experiences creating their video and are very proud of what they did.

We have gotten a start on our next project. In the classroom they are learning about different ecosystems this semester. We are bouncing off that and creating a flip book about the food chain. Students are researching examples of producers, consumers and decomposers by watching assigned videos. After we find multiple examples, we are going to learn safe search techniques for creative commons photos to add to our book.

Towards the end of the quarter we will cover a bit of internet safety and do a little coding with our new Ozobot robots the PTA purchased for us!


At the beginning of third quarter, the students learned some new warm-ups such as “octopus tag”, “rolling rocks”, “four corner fitness”, and “timed run”. A big portion of third quarter was spent learning to jump rope, which is no easy task! I have spoken with many adults that have said they wished they learned how to jump rope at a younger age. I am thankful that I am able to teach this age of kids and can help them learn skills that will help them all throughout their lives! Jump rope is a great cardiovascular skill, and you don’t need to do much before realizing that you are getting some great exercise. We spent a lot of time getting familiar with the ropes, how to hold them properly, swing them properly, and practiced jumping over the rope. The most important thing was that the students did not give up. I was extremely proud of them for trying their hardest, even when things got tough! Another chunk of the quarter was filled with climbing. I was extremely impressed with the students’ memories of the safety rules. They really do an awesome job at remembering the importance of safety and take it very seriously! They were able to climb the rock wall and cargo net this year, and it was such a joy to see their faces light up each day the came in and saw what they were about to do. The words for each week were: potential, healthy lifestyle, challenge, mindset, perseverance, endurance, and flexibility. I am looking forward to fourth quarter and a strong finish to a great year!


Happy fourth quarter. Time has flown by. This quarter we will be finishing our Too Good for Drugs units. Their purple workbooks will be coming home with them so they can share what they have learned. The rest of the time we will be reading and learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. I would like to remind everyone that all community service hours need to be recorded, hours totaled, and turned into me no later than April 7th. If you are in need of addition logs please let me know. The window for community service hours is April 2016-April 2017. Again, please email me with any questions. I look forward to an exciting new quarter.

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