Three Unintelligent Blind Mice

By: Kennedy McCutchen

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, there were three mischievous mice named Mark, Mike, and Matt. The three troublesome creatures decided that they were going to kidnap Carl the Cat's daughter, Casey. During the night, they took the poor kitten and hid her. Carl immediately called the police and told them of the felony that had been committed. The judge granted an arrest warrant, and the police raced off to where the criminals were located to make the arrest.

The Arrest

Once the police arrived, they returned Casey to her family and arrested the three blind mice. They were brought to the District Court later, where their bail was set by the District Court judge at $100,000. Next, the case was presented at a the preliminary hearing to the Grand Jury who determined if there was enough evidence to charge and have a trial for the defendants. Since mouse hair was all over the floor of Casey's bedroom and Casey was found with the mice, the defendants were indicted, or formally charge.

Superior Court

The case was then sent to Superior Court. These mice were very poor, and could not afford bail, much less an attorney. For this reason, the court appointed them a public defender to defend for them. Next was the arraignment, where the case was decided to be heard on July 13th at 9:00 a.m. and put on the court docket. They were then sent to the pre-trial conference to decide if a plea bargain could settle the case. Not only were the mice poor, but they were not very smart. Instead of pleading guilty and making a deal with the prosecution, the mice decided to plead not guilty. Therefore the trial went on.

The Trial

After everything had been taken care of, the petit jury was selected for the trial. The jury listened to witnesses as they took the stand; Carl relayed his horrifying tale of finding a missing kitten crib, and multiple creatures told the jury of seeing the mice with the kitten. However, the mice had subpoenaed their own witness: their mouse friend Jerry. When Jerry took the stand, swearing under oath, he told the jury of how the mice were out with him all night having a good time. Both the judge and jury were skeptical of Jerry's testimony, and later Jerry was found of perjury. Finally, after the prosecution and defense had made their case, the jury went to discuss and vote on the mice's innocence or guilt. After a few minutes of quick deliberation, the jury reached a verdict. Matt, Mark, and Mike were convicted of kidnapping Casey the Kitten. Even with the very convincing evidence against them, the unintelligent mice decided to file for an appeal, saying that the mistake made was that there was no substantial evidence. The higher court rejected their appeal, and the mice were sentenced to fifty years in prison.