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Windsor news

The New Family

  • Their very first morning here they called the fire department about a fire when there wasn't one
  • They youngest kid in the family says he doesn't have any problem seeing to principle but the principle said he wore the thickest glasses she had ever seen
  • Paul (the youngest) went to watch his brother kick the football and their dad talked to the coach
  • Paul played soccer with his new friends and said it was very easy to play goalie against them
  • after Paul's tour of the school the streets started to flood
  • There was a lightning at the same exact time as the night before
  • Eric (the older one of the two kids) was kicking a football and the his friend held the ball for him
  • The movers put the boxes for the new family in the wrong rooms
  • The family was mad because of all the muck fires
  • No one was at the bus stop the first couple days of school and then one day there were bored slouching kids there

Kids Of The Family Paul v.s. Erik

Paul is a young kid who likes soccer and has an older brother.Erik is a older kid who used to play soccer but realized that if he played football he would get more fame and glory so he became a kicker and he has a younger brother.Erik makes friends easily right after he moved in some kids came to the door and asked if he wanted to hang out.Paul took a little longer to make friends.

The Bad News (Good For Erik And Arthur)

Mike Costello was standing at the field goal and there was a loud bang and a flash.Everyone outside ran over to him and tried to help in some way.Paul's dad called 911 and ambulances came and did CPR and used jump starters to try to jump start his heart.Mike's little brother tried to take Mike's shoes over and over.Mike was dead and no one could change the fact.After

The Lunar Eyed Kid

One time a long time ago Paul the youngest of the family had looked at a lunar eclipse with his bare eyes for too long.Today he wears thick glasses.Mike dies of an accident so Erik and Arthur are happy.Erik and Paul don't like each other so they fight.

Soccer Tryouts

On October 21,2015 there will be soccer tryouts.You will need to bring your own soccer ball, shin guards, cleats (if you don't have cleats bring old tennis shoes),and water.It will start at 6:00 and go until about 7:30. You need to know what position you are trying out for.Hope to see you there at the Windsor soccer tryouts