Welcome To Art Class!

Ms. Anderson's Art Classroom 2013-2014

Beginning Of The Year Art Teacher's Newsletter

I am very excited to be your son and daughters Art teacher this year. I look forward to a rewarding year as we explore various techniques, artists, media, art history, technology Interdisciplinary connections to subjects, arts literacy and cultural diversity. I am excited to teach a subject where students can appreciate the value of art in their daily lives as well as contributing to society.

Students will focus on the basic art skills in art: elements/ principles of design, drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and sculpture. Art is taught progressively starting at the level they are in basic skills of drawing. Each skill is meant to build on the previous skill. Creativity, Craftsmanship, Composition, Comprehension. Effort and expression are encouraged in all works of art. Students will be encouraged to enjoy the process of making art through good studio habits of mind: engaging, persisting, envisioning, observing, reflecting, stretching and exploring. All of these will help the students to be successful learners throughout their lives. Please remember I do all that is possible for your child not to get messy. I use smocks, but highly engaged students will get messy so find out when your child has art class and dress them appropriately.

Please visit the Worcester Public Schools Visual Arts Curriculum to view our arts program focus.http://visual-arts.worcesterschools.org

Philosophy Statement

As an art educator is to encourage all students to think creatively, analytically and to look at the world with fresh eyes. I expand their thoughts and innovate to form new and meaningful ideas. I teach students to be respectful of each other's work and to never give up. I believe in providing a safe and creative environment for students of all learning styles, abilities and personalities. I encourage students to reach their highest standard through media. Developing a good student/teacher relationship helps to nurture and challenge students to experiment, accept failures and be proud of success. We can be inspired by each other in the art classroom as we reach self - achievement through the arts. My ultimate goal is to develop a classroom that will allow your son or daughter to take charge of his or her own learning and develop responsible behaviors that will follow him/her into the future. Therefore, I am asking that you encourage your son or daughter to work towards his or her best! Our children are the future.


Keri Anderson

My Information

I hope to have an art classroom website running soon!

Materials Needed For The Art Room

Parents are welcome to send materials in with their child.......


school appropriate magazines

Old hard covered books ( for recycled use )

cardboard shoe boxes

Elmers glue

glue sticks

old cds

tissue paper ( colored as well )

toilet paper paper towel rolls

scrap fabric

squirt bottles

plastic milk jugs

paper milk cartons

brown paper bags

paper cardboard

old nylon stockings

old puzzles

plastic circle lids

white paper

white paint

white styrofoam food containers ( washed)

popsicle sticks

plastic department store bags