JKC New Year Wishes and Updates

JKC....ONE team!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of our JKC families! Here on campus we are comfortably into the new year, and becoming reacquainted with our weekly schedules. The holidays brought time off to relax and enjoy time with our families, but I think we are all glad to be back into a normal routine, and excited to all be back together here at Comstock!

Our second nine weeks grading period is quickly coming to a close. Our staff is working with students to complete middle of the year assessments and set goals for the upcoming nine weeks. Report cards for the second grading period will be coming home on January 21, 2016, so be on the lookout for those important documents. With the distribution of report cards comes our Celebration of Learning for this nine weeks. It will be hosted on January 22, 2016 in the Comstock cafeteria.

A hearty thank you goes out to our PTA, parent volunteers, WatchDOGS, homeroom parents, and all who assist here at JKC. Our staff and students deeply appreciate your willingness to support us in all we do. With your help, we are able to provide our students with exceptional programs, educational materials, learning experiences, and an all-around positive and successful elementary school career. Our school community is outstanding, and your positive impact on Comstock is significant! Thank you, again!

Mark your calendars! Here's what's coming up....

January 18- School Holiday

January 22- Celebration of Learning #2

January 26- Comstock Night at Independence High School basketball game

January 28- PTA Meeting and Science Night- 6:30

February 8-12- Book Fair

February 9- PTA meeting and "Bedtime Stories" event- 6:30

February 12- Jump Rope for Heart

February 12- Valentine's Day Parties- 1:45- 2:45

February 15- Staff development for teachers- no school for students

February 25- Second grade music performance- 6:45

March 7-11- Spring Break- no school

March 17- Spring Pictures

March 17- 1st grade music performance- 6:45

March 22- PTA meeting and Second Annual "Chopped" event- 6:30

March 23- Cluster Choir Concert at Independence High School

March 25- Bad weather day

March 29- STAAR testing- 4th grade writing and 5th grade math

March 30- STAAR testing- 5th grade reading

What's Going on in Specials?

Important Reminders

COL (Celebration of Learning) Schedule- It's almost time for our second nine weeks' celebration of learning! It will be held on January 22nd. We will be having TWO celebrations in order to comfortably accommodate our parents and students. The celebration for Kinder, First and Second Grades will be held in the cafeteria at 8:00. The celebration for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades will be held in the cafeteria at 1:15. Please remember to stop by the front office next week to pre- register and obtain a name tag for the celebration you will be attending. Our assemblies are well attended, and check- in lines tend to be long on assembly days.

Lost and Found- Our lost and found is OVERFLOWING. We have quite an assortment of lunchboxes, jackets, sweaters, water bottles, etc located just outside of our cafeteria. Please help us by labeling your child's belongings so we can get them returned. You are also welcome to stop by to look through our lost and found for items your student might be missing. Since we are unable to house the large number of items, we will be donating the contents of the lost and found to a charity on January 22nd. We encourage students daily to check the lost and found for missing items. If you would like to come up to school to look for lost items, please do so before January 22nd. Thanks for your help with this!

Cold Weather Recess- As the weather gets colder, we wanted to communicate to you the weather guidelines we will follow for outdoor recess. Because we feel that it is extremely important to provide physical activity for our children, we will closely monitor the weather and will continue to go outside for recess when appropriate. Please continue to send your child to school with warmer clothes and a jacket for our cooler days. I also strongly encourage you to write students’ names in their jackets. We have so many nice clothes in lost and found and would love to be able to return them to you!

Outdoor Recess Guidelines:

If the temperature or wind chill is 32 degrees or less, there will be NO OUTDOOR RECESS.

If the temperature or wind chill is 33-39 degrees, students will be allowed 15 minutes of outdoor recess.

If the temperature or wind chill is 40+, students will have full recess.

Morning Drop-off- With the colder temperatures, we have a higher volume of traffic during our morning drop-off time. Please continue to be patient with us as we safely unload our students each morning. For your convenience, we have two carpool lines open- in the front of the building, and the east side of the building by the playground. The front carpool line is open as early as 7:10, and the east side carpool line opens at 7:20. If you would like to avoid heavy traffic, both lines are open and flowing smoothly until around 7:40 a.m. Come a few minutes earlier to avoid delays.

District Update- We wanted to inform you that Frisco ISD will not be allowing Hoverboards on Frisco ISD property. Documented fires have occurred in the use of these devices while charging, as well as during use. Other organizations have also banned their use/presence due to fire risk, including many airlines. If students bring a Hoverboard to campus, the parent will be contacted to pick up the device, as it cannot remain on campus due to the possible risk. This includes all makes and models of Hoverboards. As always, the safety of students and staff is our top priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding.