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PROBEWARE 101: Using Digital Tools in Science (STEM)

VERNIER PROBEWARE Professional Development Opportunity by CRESD113 Digital Learning Resource Center (formerly the ETSC)

Hands-On Experience - If you can
bring your old, not working, or new equipment, a laptop if you can. No equipment, that's okay we will have some there for you to experience. No laptop? We will provide that as well.
A digital tool that measures a physical quantity & converts it into a signal that can be read by an observer or by an instrument.

Temperature, Light Motions, Magenetic Field, Gas Pressure, Voltage, Force, Heart Rate, and Conductivity are the most popular sensors for elementary & Middle School Science. Feel creative? Vernier has the option for over 80+ sensors.


There are LOW-cost solutions like the GO! Link, a single-channel interface that connects to a computer via USB. It is also compatible with 54 sensors and is a popular low-cost solution. CHECK it out!

THIS WEEK! At Capital Region ESD113

Thursday, Aug. 22nd 2013 at 9am-3:30pm

6005 Tyee Drive Southwest

Tumwater, WA

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Learn how to integrate Vernier Probeware into your classroom as students work to meet the CCSS standards.

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