softball positions

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Softball Pitching

Softball pitching is way different then baseball pitching because in softball you kinda pitch in a circle motion. The pitcher pitches the ball and tries to strike out the batter.


The catcher has to be really fast, catch all the balls that get thrown to them, and protect home base.

First Base

First base person gets thrown the ball from where it got hit and tries to get the person who hit the ball out.

Second Base

Second base person tries to get the person who hit the ball and made it safe to first base out and catch all the balls that come to them. But if the ball passes them they have to be cut off and throw the ball in.

Short Stop

Short stop covers the base for the second base person when they have to be cut off. If the ball passes short stop the short stop person has to be the cut off and second base covers the base

Third Base

Third base position is kind of like first base but the only difference is that when second and first base have runners then the third base person has to tag the runner that's running to third.

Out Field

Out field catches all the balls that go over or passed the in field. The out field positions are Left field, Center field, and Right field.