Temperate Grassland

By: Tori, Skyler, Aaron

What is a Temperate Grassland?

Temperate Grassland is an environment that's full of brushs, shrubs, and animals. There are 4 different types of temperate grasslands, prairie, veld, steppes, and the pampas. It is a very relaxing environment which average temperature ranges from 90 degrees in the summer and 50 degrees in the winter. Although it gets very cold in the winter, the grassland gets a beautiful blanket of snow. Now in the summer time the temperatures are perfect for being outside. The summer is the ideal vacation time. It rains about 10-20in in the pampas and prairie while it rains about 15-30in in the veld and steppes a year.
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The Great Plains in North America are full of old folklore or ancient mysterys. The Natives who lived up in the Plains came up with many myths and legends related to the buffaloes. The buffaloes were defiantly a big part of the Natives lifestyle. Whenever a Native hunted and killed a buffalo every part was used from bones to being used for tools to the skin to be used for cloths. The Natives myths, trickster, and cultural hero stories are involved a huma and go interaction because that was the most common though.


There are so many different activities that are available for you to do while here. You can go biking through some of the worn trails, hiking through the tall grass, or you can canoe the small rivers that run through the land. Shorts and a T - shirt is the best suggested outfit wear. But if you were wanting to hike through the tall I would bring long jean pants.


While you're in the grassland you can go on a safari tour. None of these animals are vicious so it's mostly safe. The animal that you will see the most is the coyotes. Coyotes seem like wolf but don't worry they are nothing to be afraid of. Another main animal of the grassland is the prairie dog. They are actually a social animals so most of the time they live together. Another interesting animals that you will see if bison, horses, and deers.

The Land

The grassland is full of grass, hints the name. Windflowers populate the land. There are defiantly fewer trees so when a wild fire starts is devistates the area is effected. Since grass had roots underground its able to regrow faster than trees. That means that grass is better adapted to the environment. The grass that's located in the grassland can last for multiple years.