Comparing Canada and the U.S.

By: Devon Gardner (World Studies)

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Is Canada better than the U.S?

Did you know--- You are 22.51% likely to make more money in the United States, But you are 54.95% more likely to spend more money on Health Care?

The United States-- Independence on the 4th of July 1776

  • We have a lower rate of suicide
  • Use less oil
  • More class divide (wealthy/middle/low)
  • More Exports (for money)

Canada-- Independence on the 1st of July 1867

  • Biggest suicidal rate
  • Less money
  • Use more electricity
  • Use more oil

I believe- That if you chose Canada you would be happier but you would make less money and you would pay more for food, cars, oil, and other necessities. In the U.S, you would be more likely to be murdered. I also believe that the U.S is a better country and you can do more things, But if you like fishing than go to Canada they have over 561 lakes. The U.S and Canada are kinda alike but Canada is $-37.5 Billion in Debt and the U.S is $-389.5 Billion in debt. The U.S has more exports but Canada has more money from their oil exports.

Although the U.S has more manpower tied with their military we have been involved in more wars than Canada also the United States is more united, you can drive wherever you want in the country and so with Canada but they don't have as many cities or states as we do. In the United States, we have lower prices and more exporting values

Things that are cheaper in the U.S.

Netflix- $7.99 --- Canada-- $11.10

Dairy Produce- $2.07 (cheese) --- Canada-- $2.88

Cellular Phone- $199 (Iphone) --- Canada-- $276

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