watching rain


 I was inside on a weekday, I was eleven years old. The bitter winds weren’t as strong as the rain pouring out of the sky, and the thunder booming in the clouds. As the sound of the rain carried throughout the skies, I was watching the news with my family until it went dark.My mom immediately took action to light up the house with what looked like dimed sun lit candles. It was wierd at first ,but I eventually liked the way the rain dripped from the roof as lightning was shining in the dark skies and the thunder you could hear worldwide.

how I watch rain

       I feel that if you saw the rain the way I do by going up stairs and in an open room to look at the rain and get in a comfortable spot. When the talking dies down you can fell the thunder shake you,and hear the rain crashing down on the roof. Then whach sun like lightning burn through the clouds. It’s truly awesome to watch.

in the future

if you go outside in the rain it might feel like the bitter cold rain is no fun to enjoy but if the rain stops the fun could begin splashing in puddles, looking at rainbows in the cloudy skies , and watching the sun come from between the clouds. It’s fun to watch and listen to and I get the best view from my house the sky looks open and the clouds look grey and the smell of rain fills the air and you can tell its coming.

present day

I still enjoy the rain watching because its rare to have time and go and just sit because you can’t enjoy it when you’re busy and you hear the thunder calling your name. I still watch the rain and daydream about random things and then the lightning bolts attack and the Goosebumps come……