By: Tyler Bernarduci

What is a flood?

A flood occurs when a river or any type of water body overflows. It's also water that may cause a lot of destruction. Floods carry humans and animals far away to where the flood is headed. Once a flood hits land it will destroy houses and buildings. To repair the damage that the flood creates costs a lot of money. In this picture to the right it shows how much destruction a flood creates.

How do floods happen?

Floods can usually happen when a river overflows or a dam breaks. There are many other ways a flood can happen, like when a underwater earthquake triggers a big tsunami that hits a town or village. Once a big tsunami hits a town or village it creates a massive flood,that can destroy a town with tons of pounds of dirty nasty water. People die from the diseases that the water carries. People also die from the diseases by walking in the water, touching, and drinking the water.

The Mississippi Overflow Kills Thousands

The Mississippi over flow killed over 4,000 people in Louisiana. Most people died on the coast of the Mississippi. Kids and adults continued with their lives even though there surrounded by water.

How do floods rise?

Floods rise when a dam can't block a lot of water and it over flows the dam then breaks threw. Another way floods rise is when a big tsunami hits a dock and flows over creating a flash flood. Lots of kids and adults drown. Some people have fun in floods and raft, wake board, boogie board, boat, swim and many other fun activities after a flood.

The bad things about floods

Floods are very bad,they kill thousands of people a year. Floods cover homes so there no longer seen. people suffer from diseases that the water carries. Kids and adults still continue their lives even though their in a devastating flood.

Here are some pros about floods

  • a lot of people have fun in floods and playing around in the water
  • people that live in Louisiana go rafting and wake boarding in floods
  • people still continue their lives even though they're living in a devestating flood

Here are some cons about floods


  • floods have killed over 6,000 people on the coast of the Mississippi and Louisiana in the past year
  • beautiful beaches in Louisiana get flooded too
  • floods cover houses so they're no longer seen

How to reduce the impact of floods

Most people know that floods are devastating so people should try and reduce the impact of floods. People can reduce the damage by building a dam, levee, or a dike. All these things act like dams and block the water from reaching a city or town. You do not want a flood hitting your home and destroying all your valuables.