Oliver Sussman

For students. For everyone. For you.

Oliver Sussman for student council

If I were given a spot on PAUS student council, I would try to create balance between hard work and fun. I will help plan a fun end of the year trip, and I'm good at fundraising so I can help students afford it. I also want to give more freedom to the students, which includes letting us transition without lines, sit outside our cohorts during lunch, and hopefully create an honor system so that teachers trust the students and give them freedom. I will also try to make our days less stressful and more enjoyable, by giving us longer transitions, lockers during transitions, longer recess, etc. But most of all, what sets me apart, is that I will work hard to do what all of the students want, not what I want. After all my job would be to represent the students. And I think that's something that most of the other candidates can't match, my willingness to work with you, and for you. I will truly live by my slogan: For students. For everyone. For you.

Balance is important in the hectic life of a student.

No one wants to study all the time. But at the same time, no one wants to just do nothing all year. That is why I will work to create and maintain balance in the life of all students at PAUS. We all must become educated and informed, but what good are our lives as students if we don't enjoy ourselves a little? Balance in all aspects of life is an essential component of my platform as a candidate for student government. Others will claim they will create an unrealistic amount of field trips, or demand too much emphasis on academics. But as a student council representative, I will strive to put the right amount of emphasis on everything.

Work hard, play hard.

C'mon, we're 8th graders! We're entitled to some fun, not just tests and papers. As a representative of the 8th grade at PAUS, I would collaborate with other members and work hard to plan a fantastic field trip that we can all indulge in at the end of the year, without emptying our parents' pockets. I have experience in fundraising, and I know what it takes to raise the large sums of money that will be necessary for a memorable end-of-the-year trip. Other candidates may promise more than they can deliver with trips, but I will create the best trip we can within our own financial standings. And to raise these funds, I will plan fundraisers year round. Not just a bake sale for 2 days in February (bake sales are a rather inefficient technique after all), but constant fundraisers that are guarenteed to meet our goals.

Life at PAUS can be easier, more relaxing, and less stressful.

Under my leadership, teachers would be encouraged to coordinate with each other, in order to make sure we don't have to suffer through those nights of endless homework. I will suggest that transition periods are longer, so students don't need to rush and can get ready for their next class. I would also encourage various other conveniences, such as a school website where teachers can post homework and answer questions after school.

More freedom.

If I were elected student representative, I would work hard to increase freedom that students of PAUS can enjoy. I will help create an honor system, so that hall passes will not need to be used as often, we won't be required to walk in a line during transitions (or at least not in alphabetical order) and hopefully we wouldn't need to sit by cohort during lunch. All of this freedom will create students that are happier and more productive. Of course, most importantly, I will campaign for more power with the students, so that we can take charge in our school.

Power to the students.

This is a very important question for me to address. Many may think "Why should I care about student government? Will I have any more say in school matters than I do now?" The truth is, most candidates will only work for themselves. If they are elected as student government representatives, they will only worry about what they want. But if I'm elected, I will act on behalf of the whole school, and what they want. I will not work to create what I want, but what most of the school doesn't. That's what sets me apart from the other candidates. Unlike others, I truly understand that the point of being a representative is to actually represent your peers. I will work for the students. I will work for everyone. I will work for ALL.

My views at a glance...

  • We should have more say in our school than we do now. It's our school, and who better to decide how it works than the students? Remember, I want to make the school listen to its students. I want to make your opinions be heard. Under my leadership, you will matter.

  • Longer, less stressful transitions. We will do better in our classes if we are more prepared, and have time to collect ourselves before we start.

  • Lockers during transitions. It is only hurting our education not being able to become prepared to come to class. It will also hurt our backs if we keep having to carry around so many binders!

  • Longer recess. Not only do we only have 10 minutes of recess, but this time is taken out of our class time, so often we get down late. Often by the time we get outside, they blow the whistle! Recess provides a time to get out that built up energy that we've been collecting all morning. Shorter recesses will only cause us to be more restless in class, and may even have negative effects on our education.

  • Free lunch seating. This is something that our students have been very clear about. Lunch is the only time we are allowed to socialize with friends, so we should be able to choose which friends to sit with.

  • Hats! We should be allowed to wear hats, especially during the cold winter months. There is no good reason why we can't wear them. Hoods definitely make sense, because there's no reason to wear hoods, but hats are innocent, and sometimes necessary.

  • An affordable, fun, memorable end of the year trip. Many have noticed that not only has the end-of-the-year trip not been planned yet, but that it is expected to cost $450 each. Many of our students cannot afford that, but they deserve the trip just as much as everyone else. If I am elected, I will collaborate with other representatives to plan a great trip, and plan effective fundraising that will produce much more than a bake sale, and with much less hassle. Some ideas I have include local businesses donating some of their profits, an all school carnival, and a hot chocolate sale in Harvard square.

  • Fun events for the 8th grade. We should establish some traditions, as we are a new school. Some ideas I am considering include an 8th grade prom, a field day, and a bunch of parties thrown in.

  • More school spirit. I will collaborate with the whole school to choose a school mascot and colors, and improve our interscholastic athletic program, hopefully adding more sports teams for students to take part in.

Sure, many other candidates have similar views on these issues. But what sets me apart is that I can get things done. If you know me, you are aware that I have very strong leadership skills and that I am very passionate and earnest in everything I do. I will always fight for the people of PAUS, no matter how many others in student government may oppose me. I encourage asking the whole school if possible on every single issue, as my job will be to represent you, not to lead you. I truly am for all.

Vote Sussman today for a better tomorrow. He believes in this school. He recognizes that there is no limit to our potential. He recognizes that we can do anything we put our minds to. He will make your ideas and dreams heard.

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