come to Texas, now

Yesol lee

Texas has all the things that we need for our life!

you have little money and you need to buy land??

Texas has cheap fertile soil land! only cost 12.5 cent when other country's land cost $1.25!

little tax to pay

Mild climate!

three rules you have to fallow to be in Texas

1- have to become Mexican citizens

2-have to become catholic

3-have to follow the rules

no pressure of money

fertile soil for only 12.5 cents!

Perfect weather to farm with the fertile soil you bought!

you don'y have a lot of money? then come to Texas!

you can buy a good fertile land for only 12.5 cent!

land policy

177 acres

If you have a lot of cattle,horses and crops you have to buy 4,428 acres!

Land of Texas

Fertile soil for farming

There is enough of water to grow crops,

a mild weather to raise crops!

Enough grasses for your cattle!