Navigating the Internet Safely

Tips for parents to keep kids safe on the cyber world!

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Stay Involved!

Keep up with the social medias being used. Friend your child on Facebook or follow them on twitter! Let them know that you are present in the cyber world.

Tell Them About the Dangers!

Tell them about the harm talking to strangers online can do. Tell them that nobody online needs to know their personal information. Repeatedly encourage them to tell you about anything that happens online that makes them uncomfortable or upset.

Talk About Cyberbullying!

Talk to your child about what cyberbullying is. Tell them the seriousness of it. Let them know that cyberbullying is just as traumatizing as being bullied in school. Tell them that if they are cyberbullying, know somebody being cyberbullied, or are being cyber bullied it is to be reported immediately.
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