Matthew Baird Stoughton

Social Media Performance with Matthew Baird of Stoughton

Matthew Baird Stoughton

Matthew Baird of Stoughton is an expert in using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to increase his productivity. By using all that technology has to offer, Matthew Baird of Stoughton can get his message to the widest audience possible in the shortest amount of time. Sites like Twitter allow Matthew Baird of Stoughton to instantly send out updates to all of his followers. Leveraging his technological skills with his degree in business and marketing, Matthew Baird of Stoughton knows how to get the public’s attention.

Matthew Baird of Stoughton Shows You How to Use Social Media to Advance Your Professional Life

Social media has taken the place of job fairs, newspaper ads, and printed resumes when it comes to job hunting and networking. Matthew Baird of Stoughton knows how to use this new technology to get ahead in his professional life, and has advice for anyone who wants to go farther in their career. Taking the first step means branching out and creating your online identity. This is crucial to becoming successful in your professionals life, like Matthew Baird of Stoughton has become.

According to Matthew Baird of Stoughton, the first thing you need to do is be clear about what you want your online presence to say about you. Are you a creative artist? A seasoned professional? Or an up and coming business professional like Matthew Baird of Stoughton? Once you know what you want to portray online, you need to set yourself up on the sites that best suit your skills and what you are trying to accomplish.

Matthew Baird of Stoughton suggests, “Test out one or two sites at first to see if you get the response that you need. Make sure you check online reviews of the site. People who are unhappy with receiving a lot of fake job postings will let you know. Be sure to check the web for reviews before you give out any information online.” Matthew Baird of Stoughton sees that putting in the time to research the sites before you post your resume will save you from a lot of wasted time responding to jobs that may not be what you are looking for.

Knowing what market you want to target for your job search and to build your network is the first step in creating a social media identity that will help grow your business and land you the career that you are looking for.

Matthew Baird of Stoughton Stays Connected with His Family Across the Miles

While traveling the country on business, Matthew Baird of Stoughton is able to stay connected with his family by using online technology like Facebook and Skype. Family is important to Matthew Baird of Stoughton, and technology has given him the tools to stay in touch even when he is traveling.

Having to be out of town on business and miss special events had been very difficult for Matthew Baird of Stoughton. With the creation of new technology, Matthew Baird of Stoughton never misses a thing. His grandmother has this to say about the new technology that Matthew Baird of Stoughton has introduced her to: “I never would have thought I could hear and see my grandson sing me Happy Birthday while I was home in Stoughton and he was traveling in California. I may not understand how the technology works, but I’m glad that he does. He made my birthday wonderful because he was able to be there even though he was thousands of miles away.” Matthew Baird of Stoughton knows how important his relationship with his family is and credits programs like Skype with allowing him to be in two places at once.

Using technology can help strengthen the bonds when families cannot physically be together. Whether they are separated because of business, school or military service, Matthew Baird of Stoughton knows that online media sites help build stronger families. How many military men have been able to witness the birth of their children while serving overseas, and how many college students have been able to show their families around their first apartment while being thousands of miles apart? Matthew Baird of Stoughton knows the value of technology and understands how instrumental it has become in creating strong families. Knowing that technology will only improve, Matthew Baird of Stoughton is proud to be a driving force behind social media as a way of keeping in touch