Tomahawk Essentials

September 28, 2015

Get the 411...Information at a Glance

Week at a Glimpse


10:35 Third Grade Data PLC

1:15 Kindergarten Data PLC


11:00-1:00 Data Walks @ Woodland (Christy out of the building)

2:30- 3:15 Assembly: Chinese Acrobats


8:30 Specials PLC

9:30 Fourth Grade Data PLC

11:40 Fifth Grade Data PLC

12:45 Second Grade Data PLC

2:15 First Grade Data PLC




9:30 Office Staff Meeting

10:00 Elementary Principal PLC (Christy out of the building)

This week's PLC

Each grade level teacher has been given a selection from the Data into Action book to read for the Oct. 9 PD day. Please use this week's PLC to read about your assigned data meeting and complete that section of the provided graphic organizer.

OPS Technology Update

OPSEdTech Website

OPS Technology Department is announcing the launch of the OPSEdTech website. This website is currently accessible under the O-Zone and provides assistance for iPad-related classroom instructional technology integration as well as multiple other types of instructional use of technology. The site is dynamic and will be updated weekly with additional resource materials. This week we will be adding multiple instructional videos for staff. This is the site teachers will need to access to sign up for Training/PD sessions.

Technology Division Website

OPS Technology Department is also announcing a new Technology Division website. This website is currently accessible under the O-Zone and provides assistance for building technology questions un-related to classroom/instructional technology integration such as Synergy, VoIP, etc.

Bully Awareness

The first full week in October is bully awareness week for Kansas. We will be having a spirit week the week of October 5th- 9th to support bully awareness.

Please add these days into your newsletter and remind stduents.

Monday: Crazy Sock Day : Sock it to bullying

Tuesday: Favorite Sport or Team Day: Team up against Bullying

Wednesday: Hat Day, Keep a Lid on Bullying

Thursday: Pajama Day, Put Bullying to Bed

Friday: Tomahawk Shirt, Include everyone day

Let it G.L.O.W ~ Generate Loads of Wonder

Weekly Wonders

Monday: What is a manicure?

Tuesday: Are all diseases contagious?

Wednesday: Why can’t dogs eat chocolate?

Thursday: What is a CAPTCHA?

Friday: Do plants need haircuts?

What's Trending...Using BackChannels

There are a several web tools that teachers can use to create backchannels and hold synchronous conversations and discussions in the classroom. Some favorite tools include: TodaysMeet ,Socrative, and Poll Everywhere. Here are some ways you can use backchannels in your classroom:

  • Poll students on a particular classroom event or on a decision regarding their learning
  • Crowdsource feedback on learning activities and use this input to inform your future instructional strategies.
  • Backchanneling empowers students voice and make them feel they are real participants in the knowledge building taking place in the class.
  • Conduct informat assessments .
  • Assess students prior knowledge about a given topic.
  • Brainstorm ideas for a writing project.
  • Encourage students to ask questions about anything they did not understand.
  • Hold synchronous discussions of video content shared in class
  • Organize real time discussions in class.
  • Backchanneling is a good way to engage introverts and shy students in classroom conversations.

Kagan Korner

The Kagan Structure for October is Round Robin.

Directions for Round Robin can be found in the link above. Please incorporate this structure in your lesson plans for October.

The GLOW Report

Chenn ~ Thank you so much for all of your help in organizing the Back Snack Program. Each and every time I ask for a favor you say "Yes" with a smile on your face. Thank You! ~Wendy

Sarah G., Mike, Wendy, and Jose~ Thank you for all your hard work setting up for the Rachel's Challenge Assembly~ Christy

Chenn and Wendy~ Greet job organizing and facilitating the Business Partner Luncheon~ Christy

Amy~ Thank you for stepping in to cover my dismissal duty while I was sick last week for so many days. It wasn't even a gym duty day for you and you still did it without hesitation., Thank you!~Sarah

Kelli~Thank you so much for all you do to help make scheduling our conferences so effortless. You are amazing!~Suzanne

First Friday's ~ Have a Drink on Me!

Please plan to have a Sonic Drink on me the first Friday of each month. There will be a signup later this week in the lounge. Orders are due by Thursday at the end of the day.

Thanks for all you do!