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This week marks the close of the first six weeks of school and the preparation for reopening. As we approach reopening, I wanted to take time to review a few procedures and clarify areas where we have had the most questions. I want to thank you for your continued patience and support throughout this time. While we have planned intently for reopening, we know this week will again be a week of adjustments and continued problem solving. During the first few days of school, our virtual families may see more asynchronous time so teachers can teach safety procedures and rules to our in person students. We want to make sure we are using time wisely and not having virtual students live if they do not need to be. Your child's teacher will communicate any adjustments if they are needed. WE have come a long way since this all started and I am confident with our continuing to work together we can make this next phase successful.

Concerns About Grades

The first six weeks of school has been a big adjustment for our students. Not only did they continue to learn virtually, but now they are being graded unlike in the spring. I have seen an increased number of students failing simply because they are not turning in the work. Our teachers have been amazingly flexible this six weeks, however that flexibility is starting to compromise the academic environment, particularly in the need to provide quality feedback to students. A few things to remember as we close out this 6 weeks and start a new one next week:

  • Students that remain virtual have until 11:59 p.m. to submit assignments. As a campus, we will develop late work policy that will impact the grades of assignments not turned in on time
  • We will set campus policies around timelines for redoing assignments that teachers are allowing to be done to improve a failing grade.
  • Lastly, I want to remind all parents of the importance of allowing students to independently complete assignments and assessments. Teachers have to be able to assess what students can do independently versus what they can with support from a parent or teacher.

As we close out this next six weeks, I will be asking for input from teachers to outline policy changes around grading. Updates will be provided in my next newsletter.

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