Good Citizenship

Mariah Szymanski, Megan Aumann, Clayton Payne

Who is a U.S. Citizen?

A person can become an American citizen by going through the process of naturalization. Being naturalized means that you have gone through the process of filling out papers, and taking a test to become a citizen. Naturalization teaches you values, laws, rights and the duties of American Citizens.

Powers of "Office of Citizen"

The "office of citizen" has the power to make decisions, such as electing president, city council members, mayor, governors, and judges.

How Can a Person Become a Citizen?

To become a citizen you have to go through the naturalization process. The first thing you do is have to fill out an application to send to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. (USCIS) The second thing you have to do is prove that you can/are:
  • 18 or older
  • lived in a country at least five years or in state for three months
  • good moral character (didn’t commit any crimes)
  • loyal to constitution
  • read, write, speak english
  • knowledge of the history of America

Lastly, you have your final hearing which is when:
  • USCIS responds to application
  • a judge asks you to promise to be loyal to your country
  • you receive a certificate of citizenship
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Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Good Citizenship

Good citizenship involves rights, duties, and responsibilities. Being a good citizen would involve getting duties done, like obeying laws, defending the nation, serving on a jury and being a witness if called, paying taxes, and attending school. Also exercising your rights, such as voting, makes good citizenship. Responsibilities contribute to good citizenship, too. Some responsibilities are resecting everyone's rights, preparing to support yourself financially, recycling, joining a political party, and helping candidates for elections. All these things make good citizenship.
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